Prevent absenteeism, increase performance and happy colleagues. Both on a daily basis and for the longer term. That sounds like a dream for 2023, right? In short, a good intention for your company is: a healthy sleeping culture. Time to tackle this agenda item for the coming year.

Vitality as a priority

Start the working day full of energy. To achieve top productivity and to go home with a satisfied feeling. That starts with a good night’s sleep. It sounds so simple, yet it is a challenge for an average of about 22% of the Dutch working population. This is evident from the figures of Statistics Netherlands (2022). Do you notice that your colleague is easily overstimulated? Or often less alert? There is a good chance that sleep deprivation plays a role here.

Good sleep pays off a lot

Are you now thinking: ‘Sleep? Yawn, what a soporific subject.’ Then I’d like to shake you awake. Because did you know that:

✔ a rested brain is needed to work safely? It helps to stay alert to unsafe situations. To respond faster. And to address colleagues about unsafe behavior. I will tell you more about this in my free whitepaper ‘Sleep well, work safely’.
✔ sleeping well has a lot of influence on your body and mind? In fact, it is essential for both your physical and mental health. It helps to restore your body after a long day full of efforts. And it helps your brain to process all kinds of information.
✔ does a night’s rest of about 7 to 9 hours result in more healthy colleagues? Too little sleep increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

To name a few examples. In short, sustainable employability starts with better sleep. And at the same time, you get a nicer colleague in return.

Well equipped with these 3 tips

Investing in healthy sleep pays off. Especially if absenteeism prevention is an important theme in your vitality programme. And to start the new year off right, I would like to share a few immediately applicable tips:

Tip 1: For optimal sleep quality, go to bed at a fixed time every day. And also get up at a fixed time.
Tip 2: Provide enough light as soon as you get up. Light has an acute alertness-enhancing effect.
Tip 3: Switch off all your media equipment an hour before going to sleep. Use that time for, for example, reading a book or doing a relaxation exercise.

A good resolution for 2023: sleep better

More tips about a healthy sleep culture within your company? I am making that dream a reality. A good night’s sleep is the reward after a busy working day. Or night shift. And I will teach you and your colleagues all about that during the in-company training Sleep & Vitality! Interested? Let’s work together to make your vitality program (even) better.