Workshop Vitality – Boost Your Energy

What about the current load and load capacity? Together we will work on health themes such as movement, posture, nutrition, breathing, mindset, mindfulness, sleep and stress. Knowledge is shared and the participants are made to think and get to work. What is currently going well and what could be improved? How are you literally and figuratively at work? Do you actually smile often enough? Ever heard of the Blue Zones? Why is it important to age healthily? For whom or what is willingness to change? What is feasible?

Small adjustments can have a big effect on the daily energy level. In the Vitality workshop, participants get to know themselves and their colleagues better through accessible exercises, which ensures team building. The participants go home with a personal ‘Boost your Energy’ action plan in which their own healthy intentions are made concrete. Following the workshop, employees can be guided individually (online) to achieve their personal health goals.

This is what customers say about the Workshop Vitality – Boost Your Energy from Sleep Wellness Consultancy:

“Very nice and informative workshop.”

“Very interactive, beautiful presentation”

“Highly recommended.”

“Great Boost Your Energy Workshop”

“All participants left the room energized”

“Given tools to shift the focus to energy sources instead of stressors”

“More than I expected.”

“Be more aware of the importance of good health.”

“Very varied and informative in different areas of health.”