Lifestyle coach for companies

Improve vitality & sustainable employability


At the (online) walk-in consultation hours for vitality, employees can approach all their health questions in an accessible way

Prevent absenteeism

Talking helps! About stress, burnout, work-life balance, private concerns, exercise, nutrition, alcohol, smoking, drugs, losing weight, sleeping problems, etc.

Motivate and activate

Together we take steps towards vitality and more pleasure in everyday life. Employees feel ‘in control’ again.

Healthy People = Healthy Business!

Employees are empowered, experience more job satisfaction and are more productive.

It’s time for vitality!

Accessible coaching, online or face-to-face

Experience shows that employees appreciate it if the employer pays attention to lifestyle and vitality by means of a vitality program and/or individual lifestyle coaching. Employees are less likely to go to a regular lifestyle coach themselves. By means of an (online) walk-in vitality consultation hour, an employer offers an accessible opportunity to ask questions about personal well-being, which benefits the sustainable employability of the employee and the health of the company.

Responses lifestyle coaching


“I immediately felt a click with Annemieke and therefore dared to be much more open than I normally am”


“Not this is not allowed, that is not allowed”


“I now live much more consciously and know better what is healthy for me and what is not.”


“Now more tips for optimal health.”


“Very varied and informative in different areas of health.”


“You really woke me up! I have much more energy during the day.”

Improving your lifestyle with Annemieke Deiman

Learn from years of experience and expertise as a psychologist and health professional

Annemieke has a master’s degree in Psychology and specializes in, among other things, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. For years she has been sharing her holistic knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, sleep, nutrition and mindset in an enthusiastic and inspiring way.
With practical tools and a listening ear, she helps people within all kinds of professional groups and through online inspiration sessions and sleep and lifestyle coaching on their way to a healthier life. Her goal is to help people regain control over their quality of life. 

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