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Sleep therapy for your employees

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The aim of sleep therapy is to find out the motivation why the employee wants to make different choices in the field of health and vitality, so that behavioural change can actually take place. During the sleep therapy, an analysis is made of the current sleep problems and vitality and tailor-made advice is given with regard to sleep problems, sleep hygiene and lifestyle.

We use a sleep log and, if necessary, relaxation exercises and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to break sleep-inhibiting thoughts and habits. The sleep therapy is tailored to the level of the employee and kept as practical as possible. After each consultation, concrete sleep & lifestyle-enhancing agreements are made.

The sleep therapy and lifestyle coaching can also be done after a Workshop Sleep & Vitality! and are offered to employees who would benefit from more tailored advice.


“My sleep quality has improved a lot, so I have more energy during the day”

“My biggest gain is that I no longer use sleeping medication”

“I have received good tips on what to do before going to sleep and with regard to nutrition. And it helps!”

Do not wait any longer! Improve the quality of your employees’ sleep