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Sleep & Vitality! for companies

Did you know that employees who sleep better are less absent, make fewer mistakes and are more productive?

Sleep & Vitality! online coaching

Trouble falling asleep? Difficult to sleep through? Sleep deprivation? Tension, stress, worrying? Sleep light?

Workshop Sleep & Vitality!

In-company or online. Employees learn everything about the wonderful world of sleep and receive sleeping tips.

Shift work and Sleep

Sleep workshop for shift workers or night workers. Sleep & Vitality! In teams. Sleep well, work safely.

Workshop Sleep & Stress Management

Prevent burnout. Sleep better for better stress and emotion regulation. Boost your Energy!

Sleep Therapy Employees

Low-threshold tailor-made sleep and lifestyle coaching for your employee.

What is a Sleep Workshop?

In the sleep workshop Sleep & Vitality! participants are taken into the wonderful world of sleep, sleep facts and figures, the causes and consequences of sleep problems, the influence of lifestyle on sleep quality and the most important sleep tips.

The sleep course is interactive and provides awareness and motivation to optimize sleep and lifestyle habits. Afterwards, participants experience more control over sleep, sleep better and experience more energy and pleasure in daily life. The workshop Sleep & Vitality! fits perfectly within a vitality program and promotes the sustainable employability of the participants.

Sustainable working with sleep? Then we propose the Sleep & Vitality! program for your organization.

Sleep coaching, what for me?

The online sleep therapy according to the ‘Sleep & Vitality! Method’ is for anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality in a short time. The sleep therapy is based on the scientifically proven effective method against insomnia, cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) and uses a personal approach.

Through sleep education, techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, changing sleeping behavior and habits, a sleep log and lifestyle coaching, the vicious cycle of poor sleep is broken and control over sleep is restored.

My company wants to pay attention to healthy sleep.

Great! Healthy Sleep = Healthy Business.
A sleep training fits perfectly within a vitality program, but can also be used as a separate intervention or embedded in the Sleep & Vitality! program offered.
The sleep workshop is tailor-made for the company, taking into account age & education level. Together we will see which themes are relevant internally, such as employees with sleeping problems due to stress, young parents, women in transition or poor sleep due to shift work and night work.

1. Introductory meeting and Quotation
We will meet you by telephone or video call. Why do you want to pay attention to healthy sleep? What is the purpose of this sleep intervention? One-off or a sustainable process? A customized offer will then follow.
2. In-company or Online Sleep Workshop
The workshop is tailor-made for your company and employees and can be given in-company or online. We take into account the safety of the group, both ‘corona-proof’ and safe to share experiences.
3. Optional Individual Sleep Coaching
For employees who need targeted sleep advice, individual sleep coaching can be given online. Often, two sessions are enough to improve sleep quality and optimize daytime functioning.
4. Sleep Questionnaire & Group Report
Using the Sleep Questionnaire, we perform a baseline measurement and effect measurement for more insight into the sleep quality of your employees and the effect of the sleep training Sleep & Vitality!.
5. Refresher session and in-depth workshops Sleep & Vitality!
In the Refresher Session you Sleep & Vitality! we put everything back on track with regard to a healthy lifestyle and night’s sleep, relaxation, self-care, work-life balance and we learn from each other what has worked to sleep better.

The In-depth workshops Sleep & Vitality!:
– Sleep & Vitality! For Young Parents
– Sleep & Vitality! In menopause
– Sleep & Vitality! Relaxation, Mindset and Breathing
– Sleep & Vitality! The Power of a Healthy Lifestyle
– Sleep & Vitality! Bedroom & Sleeping comfort
– Sleep & Vitality! Sleep Medication, Melatonin and Supplementation

About Annemieke

Annemieke founded Sleep Wellness Consultancy in 2015 and is passionate about making the world sleep better. Also, because she herself has experienced how much impact poor sleep can have on daily life.

Annemieke has a master’s degree in Psychology and is, among other things, specialized in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i). She shares her holistic knowledge about sleep, nutrition, mindset and health in an enthusiastic and inspiring way. “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others” is a phrase you will certainly hear her say in one of her workshops or during individual consultations.
With practical tools and a listening ear, Annemieke helps people within all kinds of professional groups and via online webinars and sleep coaching on their way to a more rested life. Her goal is to let people experience control over sleep quality and sleep duration.


“You really woke me up! It’s all very practical and logical, but if you don’t know it, you can’t apply it. Sleeping is going well again and I have much more energy during the day.”

“I look back with gratitude on the training sessions and consultations Annemieke provided. It’s about sleep, but secretly about much more.”

“In addition, we opted for individual consultations with Annemieke. Employees like to use this so that they can receive extra attention and advice for specific questions. “

Do not wait any longer! Improve the quality of sleep, work and life