Workshop Sleep & Vitality!

Awareness, Inspiration, Activation

Give your employees this healthy gift



A sleep training suitable for your employees with extra attention to internal themes


Pays for itself

Employees who sleep better are absent less and are more productive



Eye-openers about sleep phases, biorhythms, brain regulation systems and more


Quick result

Employees are activated and feel more in control of their sleep

Discuss sleeping problems

Few employees report sleeping problems to the employer

Especially in masculine companies it is still a taboo to talk about being tired and sleeping problems. People who experience sleeping problems, such as insomnia, are sick more often, have concentration problems, mood swings and make more mistakes and accidents.

Sleep Wellness Consultancy offers a sleep workshop to make people aware of the importance of a healthy night’s sleep and initiates the conversation, so that absenteeism can be prevented and employees can get to work with more energy.

What is a sleep workshop?

Facts, figures and sleeping tips

In the sleep workshop ‘Sleep & Vitality!’ participants are taken into the wonderful world of sleep, the influence of lifestyle on sleep quality and vitality and the most important tips for better sleep.

Interactive, awareness, team building

The sleep training is interactive in nature and creates awareness and team building. We work in small groups to be able to share experiences openly and safely.

More 'in control' of sleep

Afterwards, participants experience more control over sleep, sleep better and experience more energy and pleasure in daily life.

Group report Sleep

Current sleep problems will be mapped anonymously and the effect of the workshop on the sleep quality and sleep duration of the participants will be made clear to the employer by means of a group report.

Responses participants

“Annemieke gave a very nice inspiration session ‘Sleep & Vitality’ for IPG Mediabrands, in a week that was all about vitality for our company. It was an interactive workshop in which theory about our brain alternated with practical tips and exercises to create better sleep quality. Very instructive and interesting and given with enthusiasm!”
Louise van Olst

Legal & Business Support Manager, IPG Mediabrands

“Annemieke recently visited us to broaden our knowledge about sleeping healthier. Despite the fact that we ourselves are busy every day with making people sleep healthier and better, we have again learned a lot from her “Sleep & Vitality” workshop. The hours flew by and there was enough space to go deeply into the subject. Thank you Annemieke for the interesting workshop and the enthusiasm we received from your passion for healthier sleep!”

Bret van den Eshof

Online marketeer, Morgana Nederland B.V.

“Annemieke recently gave a first workshop at our workplace. With very simple tips, which I would never have thought of myself, I already sleep a lot better! Unfortunately, the next planned workshop due to corona cannot take place, but already looking forward to the next one!”

Jose Gerritsen

Planner, Neenah Coldenhove

“Yesterday a workshop Sleep & Vitality! In an interactive workshop, Annemieke took us into the world of sleeping and sleeping problems. Clear explanation of how it works, which factors are important for a good night’s sleep? And what are the consequences if you don’t get the sleep you need? Fortunately, you can do a lot about it yourself: exchange useful tips and even do a short exercise in a relaxed way. Now just take the necessary steps in your daily rhythm, that won’t happen automatically, but if you succeed you can enjoy it for a lifetime!”
Jack van Os

Researcher, Wageningen University

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