A lack of sleep can cause serious industrial accidents and loss of production

How did you sleep last night?
Do you ever think about the quality of your sleep? And to what extent sleep deprivation affects your performance during the day? Sure, everyone has a bad night sometimes. But even one night of poor sleep has a negative impact on your health and your work life.

Especially if, like 1.3 million other Dutch people, you work at night, a good sleep rhythm and good sleep quality are of great importance. An employee who does not sleep well has a greater chance of causing errors and accidents, is absent more often and costs the employer an average of 1,440 euros per year (based on 6 days of absence x an average of 240 euros).

But, ask any supervisor or HR manager how seriously they take sleep problems among employees and you will find that sleep is the neglected child. Yes, vitality and safety are high on the agenda, but sleep still does not get enough attention. While there is a lot to be gained there for both the company and the employee.


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Wake up sleeping managers

You are probably familiar with the saying “wake up sleeping dogs”. A negative statement because you don’t want to cause a stir. We like to turn it around! We want to wake up society, managers and executives. More awareness and more attention to sleep in the workplace, that is what we stand for. We do this with our training courses and workshops, but of course also by giving away as much knowledge as possible about the problems and solutions surrounding sleep problems among employees. That is why we have bundled our knowledge in the free white paper Sleep Good Work Safe.

Why a white paper on sleep and night work?

Working at night and having to sleep during the day has an influence on physical and mental functioning that should not be underestimated. In 2017, the Health Council concluded that (prolonged) night work leads to an increased risk of sleeping problems.
Sleeping problems are estimated to occur one and a half to more than twice as often in night workers than in day workers. Shift work syndrome is a sleep disorder associated with night work, with the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
  • A non-restorative sleep
  • Severe fatigue, falling asleep at work
  • Memory problems
  • Hard to concentrate
  • More frequent mistakes, accidents
  • Quickly irritated
  • Headache, migraine
  • Nausea, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal complaints
  • More sick

We probably don’t need to tell you how detrimental sleep problems and the associated symptoms are to productivity and quality at work.

That is why we would like to help you! In our white paper Sleep Good Work Safe, we have put together a number of preventive tips for you so that your employees or colleagues can perform their night work fitter and safer.

Want to emphasize sleep within your company?

Workshop Sleep & Vitality!

Participants learn more about sleep and the prevention of sleep problems, possibly around shift work or night work.

Sleep & Vitality! Program

We will work sustainably with sleep within your organization. Measurements, training and coaching. Healthy Sleep = Healthy Business.

Sleep therapy employees

Tailor-made sleep coaching to help your employee sleep better. Equipped employees work more safely and are more productive.


“With a good mix of facts and practical tips, it has encouraged me to make my sleeping ritual really concrete.”

“Very nice inspiration session ‘Sleep fit’, in a week that was all about vitality for our company.”

“Very instructive and interesting and given with enthusiasm!”

Fit employees without sleeping problems are invaluable

Sleep Wellness Consultancy improves the sleep quality of night workers and thus the vitality and sustainable employability within your company. We do this through interactive sleep workshops, inspiration sessions ‘sleep and vitality’ and (online) sleep therapy. A Sleep & Vitality! program is tailor-made, together with you.

Attention to sleep within your company? Feel free to ask your questions!