Individual Coaching

Sleep training (also online)

The individual sleep training consists of an intake, follow up and an evaluation consult. The consults include an analysis of the individual’s sleep problems, habits and lifestyle. Must know information about sleep in general is given as well as the most important conditions for an optimal sleep. During the sleep training we practice with relaxation techniques and make use of a sleep diary. The sleep training combines knowledge about sleep and lifestyle with cognitive behavioral therapy to diminish unhelpful thoughts and habits. Many practical tips will be given and after each session we make concrete sleep improving appointments.

Personal efficiency and lifestyle (also online)

Personal efficiency and lifestyle coaching is meant for people who don’t want to under perform in life and want to improve their vitality. Do you want to feel happier? Better manage your stress? Enjoy higher energy levels? Improve your work-life balance? You decide the topics you want to work on. What do you think is important to improve your quality of life? Together we work on a personal action plan with realistic steps and goals.


100% of the customers would recommend the training and coaching of Sleep Wellness Consultancy to somebody else.



“I immediately felt a connection with Annemieke and dared to be more open than I usually am.”

“I wasn’t aware of the fact that your daily activities influence your sleep quality in such a way. Due to the coaching I have a lot more energy now.”



“I got great tools to improve my sleep quality and diet. And it works!”

“Now I’m far more conscious about what is healthy for me to do and what is not.”



“You really woke me up! It’s all very simple and practical, but if you are not aware, you can’t change it. My sleep quality is perfect again and my energy level during the day a lot higher. “


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