Incompany workshops

Did you know a lot of people have sleep problems but only a few employees inform their employer about it? This can cause serious problems. People who are often sleep deprived are more often sick, have concentration problems, have difficulties with structuring and definitely make more mistakes and accidents. Mood swings, like irritableness and depression are unfortunately included in this list as well. Being sleep deprived can be due to work related matters as well as private life issues which often include unhealthy food-, drink-, lifestyle- or sleep habits. Sleep Wellness Consultancy offers workshops and coaching for your employees to sleep better and keep a healthy lifestyle. The aim is less sickness absence and happy, healthy, engaged and productive employees!

Workshop Sleep & Vitality


During the workshop Sleep & Vitality participants are introduced to the magical world of sleep. Participants become aware of the effects of their lifestyle versus the quality of sleep. The workshop is interactive and stimulates awareness and team building. After the workshop participants will experience they can influence their own sleep quality and feel more in control. A better sleep results in more energy, an optimistic view of life, less mistakes and more productivity. The workshop is custom-made for each company (f.e. with extra attention to stress management, night shift work or preventing jet lag) and participants will receive the most important keys to a good night’s rest.


Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Workshop Boost your Energy 


Employees that are fit are much more productive and seldom call in sick. In the interactive workshop Boost your Energy, participants are inspired to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. Together we tackle themes like exercise, nutrition, breath, mindset, sleep and stress. We address both the aspects that are satisfactory and those that can be improved. We provide simple and fun exercises and participants get to know themselves and their colleagues better. Usually small adaptations have great results, so together we make a personal action plan. SWC’s workshops offers the possibilities for employees to opt for further individual coaching to reach their own personal health goals.


Duration: 1.5- 2 hours


Health coaching (also online options)


Employees also have the option to enroll in an individual coaching program to get a more personalized approach to their sleep quality and health maintenance. Incompany open consultation hours for staff members with questions about their health and vitality can be part of the custom-made program.



Sleep Wellness Consultancy is open to brainstorm about the corporate health policies. We can offer regular health awareness programs for your staff members to increase employee‘s vitality, satisfaction and involvement with the natural result of less sick leave absence.

100% of the customers would recommend the training and coaching of Sleep Wellness Consultancy to somebody else!

“Open atmosphere, interesting content, many useful tips and tricks.”

“Clear explanation about the importance and role of sleep and how your body prepares on it.”

“A lot of ways to improve your sleep quality are being told.”

“I got a lot of new information and insight about how to deal with my sleep problems.”

“Nice to share personal issues with the group.”

“A lot of variation and information about different lifestyle topics.”

“With your enthusiasm you’ll get everyone on board!”